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Boost Your Immune System

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Here are some helpful tips to get Immune System functioning at its best. By incorporating these foods into your daily diet you will be making sure your immune system can fight off any bugs.

Build Up your immune system by adding in The following Foods :

Foods High in Vitamin C

These are foods such as Peppers, Grapefruit, Oranges, lemons, Broccoli, Guava, Kale, Papaya

Foods Rich in Vitamin A & D

Include food such as Carrots, Egg Yolk, Cod Liver Oil, Chilli and Cayenne Pepper, Grass Fed dairy such as Ghee

Add in Zinc foods

Foods include Oysters, Pumpkin and Sesame Seeds

Antioxidant foods

The following are food high in Antioxidants; Berries, Dark Chocolate, Artichokes, Pecans, Kale,Spinach, Beans, Red Grapes

Why not try this immune-boosting smoothie from

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