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Healthier Choices When It Comes To Alcohol

Empty calories and never mind the effect on your blood sugar. These and many other adverse effects on our health leads us on a quest to find healthier drinks you can enjoy with a little less guilt.

The two biggest concerns my clients have with the effect of alcohol is 1) the effect on their weight and 2) liver health.

Here are tips to help you navigate these concerns:

  • Having that little tipple at night can so easily lead to a nightly drink. This is the first change that needs to be made. Rather than it becoming part of your daily life the best thing is to save it - only have a drink when you are out with friends or save it for the weekend.

  • The second thing is to try and have only one or two. Having more than this will result in your blood sugar been effected and this will impact your weight and put stress on your liver and health.

  • Thirdly your choice in drink can play a huge part on its effect on your blood sugar.

Now what is the best drink to have?

The best drink to order is a Spirit with lemon/lime and sparkling water. E.G Vodka, Lime and soda/sparkling water. Often called a "Skinny Bitch". Mixing sodas with sugar to a spirit will obviously increase the sugar and calories.

White or red wine is another good choice. The drier the wine the better. Sweet wine means more sugar. Champagne is another good choice, however agin the rule of the sweeter the champagne the more sugar it has.

Have a look at this article as a guide.

Tips to healthier drinking:

  • Always accompany alcohol with a meal or some snacks. See your drink as your replacement for your starchy carbohydrate. Order a protein and salad or veg with a glass of wine and say no to the chips or potato

  • Drink water with your alcoholic drink. Alcohol dehydrates us.

  • Make your drink go further by adding sparkling water to it - a spritzer can be very refreshing.

  • Be aware of the amount of alcohol in your drink. The higher the alcohol the more calories and higher effect on our blood sugar.

Most importantly, Always be aware of how alcohol effects you. Drink responsibly and if you know anyone or you feel you are drinking too much, get help.

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