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Milk alternatives for Coffee

Milk alternatives for coffee Whether you feel you intolerant to cows milk or just feel like a change it is a difficult choice as to which milk to use and then what brand . Here is a list of milk with the advantages and disadvantages.

Almond Milk Advantages - non-soy alternative - slightly sweet nutty flavour - has great vitamins and minerals and healthy fats - Steams well and is very close to cows milk Disadvantages - some may be high in added sugar and canola/sunflower oil

Soy Milk Advantages- non dairy and non nut - creamy, and slightly sweet - naturally higher in protein, carbohydrates, and lower in fat - steams really well, most similar to dairy milk Disadvantages - also has added sugar and canola sunflower oil and soy can be genetically modified

Oat Milk Advantages - non-dairy, non-soy and non-nut - creamy, very subtle taste - higher in carbohydrates, good fibre - very easy to steam but don’t over steam Disadvantages - may contain sugar and canola/sunflower oil and people can have a oat sensitivity

Coconut Milk Advantages. - non-dairy, non-soy alternative - sweet, thick, rich, and creamy - high in healthy saturated fats - creamiest of non-dairy alternatives Disadvantages- again can have added sugars and oils and can over power the coffee so don’t use too much

In conclusion when using any of these, look for brands in the fridge as they tend to have no additives.

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