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What Number Poop are you?

The Bristol Stool chart is a great tool to monitor and a great way explain to your practitioner what may be going on with your digestion. And in turn what may be needed to ensure optimal digestion absorption and health.

Idealy you want type 4 passing 1-3 times a day. Anything less than once a day mostly means lack of fibre or water, but consistent missed days needs to be looked into more deeply.

If you are seeing Loose stools (6 &7 ) on a regular basis this means something is not agreeing with you and there is some possible dysbiosis (unbalanced bacteria)

If your stool is dark , stinky and greasy this is a reflection of a toxic overload, normally consistent with someone who eats out often and is exposed to too many preservatives and chemicals.

Type 1 & 2 is an indication of dehydration, food intolerances, lack of fats in the diet or inadequate digestion of food due to not breaking down your food enough. Ensure you are in a relaxed state before eating and chew your food to ensure your stomach can break down the food before it hits your intestines and gets absorbed.

Tips to have a more comfortable bowel movement

  1. Drink water.

  2. Add Fiber, fiber adds bulk to your stool

  3. Foods that contain fiber include: fruits, nuts and seeds, vegetables

  4. Cut out any foods that irritate YOUR digestion.

  5. Move and or exercise more.

  6. Try a stool to lift your legs up while on the toilet.

Common mistakes people make

  1. Not drinking enough water

  2. Eating too many processed foods

  3. Drinking alcohol - this dehydrates you

  4. Not enough movement - movement encourages digestion

  5. Not managing stress - stress slows down everything

The most important thing is to be aware of your body and what it is telling you. Eat a well balanced diet with lots of water and find time to move everyday.

If you are not finding your digestion is working as it should, contact a practitioner or doctor.

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